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As a International Sales you will should develop clients and maintain customer relationship. By conducting detailed analysis of international sales and making appropriate recommendations, this position has a direct impact on company’s performance. This field assignment is to deal with marketing activities and gain more business chances for HBS Vehicle.

Job Duties may include(not limited to):

* Apply previous field experience and knowledge of process improvement methodologies to improve profitability.

* Liaise between dealers, customers and other HBS personnel, very familiar with the company’s processes, systems and methodologies.

* Looking for more potential customers and set up partnership.

* Perform complex analysis work, identifies and resolves problems that are less tactical and more strategic in nature.

* Work directly with other HBS units, customers, and possibly, suppliers.

* Regularly contact customers, maintain customer relationship.

* Non-scheduled Travel

Position requirements

* A college or university degree or equivalent experience

* 1 years job related experience typically required

* Knowledge of International trade

* Personal computer skills and familiarity with various software packages

* Good human relations skills are required to develop a cooperative work relationship with others inside and outside the department

* Demonstrated ability to work on increasingly more complex assignments and provide direction to lower level reps on project assignments